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A popular use of FTC has been to share website resources in Journals. Since there are countless website resources related to genealogy, I thought it would be fun to create a special feature that allows us to share our favorite websites.

You can see the links in the "recent links" page in the navigation or see recent link page here.

This will replace the "favorite links" section in your profile, and should be used any time you fiind a website you wish to share.

Also introduced with the links feature is a "tagging" feature. Tagging is a popular method of allowing website users to categorize things with plain words, instead of trying to create a big category structure. So when you create a link, you can also tag it with words that you feel describes the website. I'll soon be creating a tag navigation system which will show any resources that have been tagged with a particular word.

The nice thing about tags is that anybody can tag a link. So if another member comes along and wants to add some keywords to a link, they can do that.

I'll be migrating the journals over to the tagging structure as well.

If you have any questions about the new features, you can contact me via Private Message or just add a comment to this journal.

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Dear Scott, Hi there. I love your new idea re: links. Just a few comments though, all the links I created regarding surname MCKILLOP for example, don't show up along with the surname wiki page now when you click on MCKILLOP along with the journals pertaining to the surname.

And just another thought in general, is it possible to have every second journal posted highlighted in a different alternating colour? If it's too hard or impossible, don't worry about it.


Hi Al.

Sorry, yeah, that's part of the transition from surname keywords to tags. I'll get those linked back in on the surname page.

as for the alternating colors, I'll see what I can do.





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