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This sort of a difficult update to write, like when you let a problem with a friend or loved one go on for too long, and you can't even feel like you can bring up the subject any more.

I'm Sorry

So I'll start with an apology. I'm sorry for being absent, not responding to emails, and basically leaving this website to stand on its own. I owe a great amount of gratitude to the few people who have taken ownership of this community and kept it going. I'm not all surprised that things have kept on without me being around. This is an amazing community.

I have quietly been keeping things running, but I haven't had time to do much of anything else, including responding to emails and such. That's really bad. And I'm sorry.

FamilyTreeCircles has been operating for 10 or so years now, and very little money has been made at it. Up until a few years ago, that wasn't an issue. I had other things going on that allowed me to spend a lot of time here, keeping an eye on things, and building up the website.

And then I couldn't.

I considered selling it a few times, but never found a buyer that I felt would go in a direction that I'd like. So letting it sit until I could come back seemed like a better option to me.

Fixing That Problem

So I recently took on a sponsor, MyHeritage. You've probably seen them on the website. They are good friends, they have a great service, and I've been a customer there for a long time. Having them on the website is going to allow me to spend more time here, and make improvements.

I encourage you to use their search and sign up for their service. It'll make them feel that the sponsorship is worthwhile.

What's Next?

We're going to get more active again. I say "we" because this move also allows me to get some help. It's not going to be just me running things which should help when life gets in the way.

I'm going to start doing development again, adding some new features that I think will make it an even better and easier place for people to visit, post questions and content, and get responses from other family tree researchers.

So, with that, I ask you to please welcome our sponsor. And I ask for your understanding as I pick things up again while we reboot FamilyTreeCircles.

Thank you,

Scott and the FamilyTreeCircles team

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For those of you who know me as Scott_J, it really is me. I wanted it to look more official. :)

Welcome back!!!

Thanks jpokerchip!

You have our total understanding. I administer just a Facebook page which eats up so much time and energy so I have full respect for you have achieved. Thank you for Family Tree Circles. I have found family I never knew I had. Much gratitude to you.

No need to apologize, i myself just got back to this site too, been on Geni and Heritage ,but I like to check in here to once in awhile, Genealogy comes in waves we do it when we have time and sometimes living gets in the way. That is just the way it is. Glad to have you back though.

Everybody gets behind- don't worry so much!

By Arline on 2015 21-
Glad to have u back Mr.Scott

well, well, hello Scott ;)

Everyone gets busy and behind, no apology needed x

Not to get all mushy, but the responses here and in email have been heartwarming.

Thanks everybody. :)

Hi Scott, we are very grateful for this service and thank you for hosting it.. Our only issue that we have is that we have no extra cash to purchase any of the services provided here and in MyHeritage and also We just find things way too expensive for us.. They offer monthly fees and then ask for lump sum, this does not work for those of us on benefits or low income where we budget to last cent.. Free would be awesome, but if not free then a low regular monthly fee would work for us, not big lump somes.. is $75.oo annually...even this is too much for us.. Any that was my 10cents worth, which I will pay in yearly installments Mike

thanks Scott for hosting ths site as it has been a great help in finding out about my birth mother and her life as I grow up over the years 81 in all after I was given up as a ward of the state,eg Child Welfare here in nz. I have been able to meet my half relatives now and we have regular contact ,That has fulfilled a viod in both sides lives which both they and myself had some knowloge of but vague.thanks once again kept up the good work and God Bless You Amen.

Welcome back Scott, glad you did not sell out and joined My Heritage, another great site. My father was very secretative about his life and family in England and by doing Geneology I feel I am now getting to know who I am. Once again, thanks Scott xx

Scott: Everyone has a down n outer, if one didn't, one would be burnt out.
10 yrs is a long time to keep a passion and having MyHeritage on board will now keep it in perspective and along the line they may allow FTC members a free search of their records every now and then.
A very wise move on your part thus reducing your work load on this site.
The next 10 yrs will be interesting to say the least, for everyone involved with Genealogy.
Stand tall.

Thank you Scott for your email and I like my fellow researchers, am grateful for a site such as this. Congratulations on your efforts to making this site so successful and definitely user friendly.
I would love to see FamilyTreeCircles continue in blossoming without costs but can understand this may not be possible. I would like to thank those fellow researchers who have helped many like myself along their/our genealogy journey as well. Love this site and just wanted to say so.

Scott, This is Tammy Boehm - so happy to see you back - I replied via facebook a couple of days ago but thought I would make sure my actual sign on here still works and it does. So glad you're back - I'll be around again and plan to post some blog entries. I'm excited to get back into roaming around this site.
Peace. Glad you are back in action.

Well welcome back Scott, I didn't notice your absence, The Amazing thing is that no one was needed here to keep it running, You don't even need admins, the website is set up in such away no higher authority is needed. This website is doing very well and is home to many many researchers from NZ including the notable "ngairedith". So scott I thank you for this website, it is amazing. Just make sure that you don't change to much like ancestry did. This website is completely fine as it is, so only do minor changes if possible. Ancestry made a mess of there website but this is great as it is. So welcome back Scott, I have found out much information from this website as there has been many helpful people out there in this community who have helped me and others along the way. The only thing I suggest is to add a little flag (their countries) near each user name which shows which country they are living in. But in all honestly this website is fantastic as it is and I dont know what you can do to improve it, ill ponder it. Anyway welcome back and thanks for the amazing website. Yours sincerely pizzathecat

Thank you again everybody.

That's great to hear, pizzathecat. No major changes are planned. Just improvements. I want to get more people here asking and answering more questions, and posting more journals. I have no plans to charge for this service. ever. That's my goal.

Thanks for your sincere message. Life gets in the way sometimes. To me Family Tree Circles has kept on going so you are definitely doing something right. Good customer service is when your owner, manager, or boss shows their human side and I love it. I hope all is well with you and your family.
Thank you so much for caring for all of us trying to do our family tree and making us feel that we are, in some way, a part of your family tree.
Linda-Marie Callery

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