A True Princess

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More than anything, we love hearing the stories of what FamilyTreeCircles users have discovered about their pasts, whether or not they used FTC to uncover the stories. What genealogist doesn't love a good story?!

We know our community has some incredible stories. Will you share it with us? We'd love to feature it on the blog. Just reply to one of our emails, or post a journal and leave a link to it in the comments. You can also send an email to ftc@familytreecircles.com

Here's one we recently received from a member of the FTC community (and not just any member, a TRUE princess!):

My grandma was the first genealogist I ever knew. She didn’t design a database or keep files on ancestors. She was a story teller. The stories were full of color and details, and never skimped on drama or heartbreak.  One of my favorite stories was that I should never undervalue myself because I was an Indian (Native American) Princess.

Even as a small child, I took this story with a grain of salt. She also told me that if I pulled on the leg of a Granddaddy Longlegs spider, it would point to where my cows were. I knew I had never owned a cow in my life, so I figured that my realm was probably somewhere with the cows.  I loved hearing her stories, though. She connected me with long-dead ancestors by breathing life into stories of long-ago. She gave me an identity as a strong, capable woman because those were the kind of people I came from.

A few years after my grandmother died, a relative contacted us with information from genealogies that he was compiling. I went through the data eagerly, trying to connect the stories I had heard all my life with the family tree. As I moved back through one branch, I was shocked. A number of generations back, my family traced directly to Powhatan. The tribal leader who had another daughter. Nicknamed Pocahontas.  All these stories, and grandma was right. Awesome.  

Turns out grandma knew what she was talking about! Do you have a story? Please share!

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Wow! I am so interested in this story! Many years ago, my son went to West Virginia to research his American Native Heritage. His great-great-grandmother was still living and he was hoping to pick her brain for stories like this. He came back telling the story of a British officer in the family who had married an "Indian Squaw." This was her term, not ours. He married her and took her back to England, where she died. My first reaction was asking if this story didn't sound at least, a little bit familiar? Then, a few years ago I started doing research on that side of the family for him. We, also, traced back to the Powhatan tribe and to Pocahontas. I would be so very interested in comparing notes with you. Please private message me at your convenience.

what a truly lovely story .

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