FamilyTreeCircles Newsletter 16 Sept 2012

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This week I’m realizing that we are approaching some big FamilyTreeCircles milestones. We’ll soon be at 100,000 members, and 50,000 journals. We should reach those levels by the end of 2012.

And that’s not even considering the 28,000 comments and 27,000 private messages that flow through FamilyTreeCircles. Wow.

In this newsletter, I’d like to acknowledge the people who give so much to the FamilyTreeCircles community. Thanks to everyone who not only posts journals but are also so very welcoming and helpful to other members.

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy

Last week’s writing prompt was a tough one, and we only had a few takers. See here for the recap of week 37.

This week promises to be a lot more fun.

Week 38: Funny Ancestor Stories. Tell us a funny ancestor story that stands out in your mind. When did you first hear the story? Do other family members tell different versions? Does this tale play a large part in your family tree?

Create a journal and write about this week’s topic.

See here for more information.

FamilyTreeCircles Highlights

FamilyTreeCircles member Kerbent has an interesting mystery that she has written up in these two posts. She’s developed some interesting theories and I’d love for some experienced genealogists to give her some help on these. If you could lend a hand, please do. I’ll feature any developments in a future newsletter.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on FamilyTreeCircles.


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