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by Scott_J - 7 years, 8 months ago | Edit | View on FTC

FamilyTreeCircles is growing and in an effort to better organize the large volume of journals that get posted here, I've added a new Journal type: Query.

Queries are simply a request for information on a particular ancestor or family. These get posted all the time in both the existing regular journals and questions, so I thought it would be worthwhile to try to get them separated out into their own types.

You'll notice them as the highly recognizable magenta-colored posts.

I've also made the Journal Type field available in the journal edit page, so you can change the types of your own journals if you'd like.

I'll be actively changing journal types as people get used to the new classifications.

This is another small step toward making it easier to scan through the growing list of journals at FamilyTreeCircles. Questions and the new Query types are posts that are specifically looking for help, and hopefully this will ensure that they get seen and hopefully get answered.

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Excellent ...

Well done

Great Idea

Wondertful idea , I have had a brick wall for over 12 years so if any help can come of this I would be VERY grateful

Thank you so much for constantly improving this site. I am grateful that you are using your talents and knowledge to have this site!

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