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Hello. Your great feedback on some of the new stuff that I've been adding has inspired me to add more.

I've just added a "Favorites" feature.

Here's how it works...

You can add any post (journal, article, question) to your list of favorites by clicking the "Favorite" link. This link appears at the top of every journal. (give it a try, click the star at the top of this post):

and also in the journals lists (see callouts #2 and #3 in the image below)

You can view all your favorites under the "Journals" page. Look for the link on that page called "Favorites" (see callout #1 in the image below). You have to be logged in to use this feature.

Here's a direct link: Favorites

This is something that I've been wanting to add for a long time, to help keep track of journals that I want to get back to, or reference later, or just to mark as a "good one".

I hope you find it useful.

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thank you Scott,

that new feature suddenly appeared on my journals as I was working so I've been havng a play around with it. It's a great idea and works VERY WELL when you have a lot of journals to wade through

another good idea - wish I'd thought of it :)

Very good Scott. Another favorite idea.

Hi Scott, I like your new amendments, but I seem to have lost the facility to post a draft journal. I have tried to post twice, but it disappears! Oh noes, is CORRECT!! Can you help?

I just posted a draft journal successfully.

It may have something to do with the text that you're trying to put in it. sometimes certain words trigger a security issue.

Can you post a simple draft post with just "test" in the title and body?

Would you mind emailing me the content that you are not able to post so I can try it? (scott at

Hi Scott, I have just tried to send you the journal by using your "contact" button, and for the 6th time of trying to post in draft, or post or send to you, I get: Not Found Oh noes! The page you've requested is not here.

Fed up and frustrated now - it was purely info for other lucky people with nothing in it for me anyway!!

Cheers, Judy.

You have to send it to me directly via email, not the contact form. If there is some text in your post that is triggering the issue I was talking about, the contact form won't work either.

OK, but (scott at doesn't work either!

Mowsehowse, Try this: Are you putting the @? You may be. I saw the at between scott and family.

Yep, we've got it worked out 1bobbylee.

I was being cheeky with my email address to keep the spammers from grabbing it.

I can understand your cheekiness. Spammers are like leaches. You can burn them off, but they have a way of attaching themselves to you again? They feed off others.

Scott, You might have a spammer - Journal, Are you jobless and free at home? (ID 464)

I agree with 1bobbylee. I went to the link and got results for jobs in India. Methinks this is not relevent to genealogy! :)

Oh, btw Scott, great job on the favourites improvement. Looks good.

We get lots of them 1bobbylee which we delete them as soon as we notice. thanks.

Thanks Juanita2311!

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